Wincell Research Co., Ltd. was founded by Olan Piamkulanich ,MD. and consists of a team of doctors and researchers who specialize in cutting edge Biotechnology and Molecular Immunology , developing ways of overcoming diseases caused by cancer. We are a leading force in the field of cell culture, blood analysis and technical laboratory innovation and creative research in the field of therapeutic antibodies.

Dr. Olan Piamkulvanich


Doctor of Medicine , Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. Amercan Board Certified in Nutritional Wellness, Montana , USA.


Co-researcher Clinical Trial “ DC-CIK cells Therapy in Cholangiocarcinoma patients , Published in Alternative Year 2011.


1. Cancer Immuno Therapy with Midtown Medical Technology , JAPAN


Manager Director of Wincell Research Co.,Ltd.
Member of American College of Nutrition ( Personal Medicine ).
Medical Advisor of Immunotherapy at Empire Clinic Thailand.


Wincell Research Company Establish with the vision and determination of doctors and researchers to win over the life threatening disease. Under the supervision of internationally acclaimed doctors and researchers whom specializes in cancer treatment to study state of the art of cancer technology and generate many research and development findings, Wincell is well-received by many institutions.

As leader in cancer treatment, Wincell has develop cancer treatments under the name Win-K cell, an innovative treatment to defeat cancer. Win-K cell is suitable for both the initial stage and invasion stage. With the concept of Anti Cancer Immune Therapy by which the white blood cell (lymphocyte) is make stronger to treat cancer yet friendly to the patient’s body.

Win-K cell is first progress from liver cancer patients and since has been widely accepted as international standard. In order to support this new paradigm of treatment, National Science and Technology Development Agency and Thailand leading medical school has selected human resources and standardize production with cutting edge technology in order to provide a one stop services of cancer treatments. Our Laboratory As the company is involved in human cell researches, all the processes are done in high standard and highly hygienic laboratories


We have international standard management system follows.

1. Sterile process.

A laboratory class 10000 and monitoring contaminants in the air and the time to invest in equipment to patients exposed tissue whichused only once (Disposible) ensures safety.

2. GMP standard reagent.

The cell culture, we choose use only safty Substances and get GMP certified manufacturing. To ensure the safety of the patient's cells.

3. Quality control.

In all stages of the cell culture will be checked for contaminationby the quality control department.

4. Standard of procedure.

The entire process will be recorded by the researchers. And a process layer by Auditor Quality assurance ensures accuracy and precision.

5. Design personal medical treatment.

By the clinician by Immuno therapy who will join the team in planning the treatment of patients with medical patients. The research team will design the cells culture to make specific and appropriate to the type of cancer and the patient's condition.

6. Medical Institute.

We are collaborating with medical professionals to treatby maintaining focusHolistic treatment which non-toxic to the body and And treated with cell therapy.

7. Research and development.

With the commitment involved. We have an ongoing research collaboration with the NIA and the leading hospitals in the joint research.

Has collaborated with hospital Rajvithee of research to treat cancer patients with biliary tract by means of Immuno therapy combined with surgery to optimize the treatment to be even better by the support of the National Innovation Agency (NIA) to conduct research who had received approval from the Ministry of Health.     Download Journal

Until the year 1986 ,Professor Lanier was discovered cellular immune T cell that possesses a Killer cell by using the blood of patients with isolated cells Mononuclear cell and to stimulate the cells to destroy cancer cells better than other cells. Because these cells can destroy cancer cells without mechanismsto a receptor on the surface of the cancer cells. And secreted enzymes can destroy surface of cancer cells into a porous and death without damaging other cells. After a study of this cell type with a trial began in earnest in the Leukemia patient at Stamford University .Later, many countries have research and study in patients with other types of cancer ,such as Liver cancer, Liver cancer, Colon cancer, Breast cancer, Lymphoma, Gastric cancer, Lung cancer which the results showed that all the patients improved significantlyn as compared to those who did not receive treatment.

Later in 2002,
Thai researchers began educate to the culture and the destruction of tumor cells by the immune cells in brain cancer and lymphoma and leukemia. The results of experiments in animals, it is satisfactory.

Year 2007.
Thai researchers team that is appropriate to establish a laboratory that has the potential to stimulate and culture the immune cells to be used in the treatment of cancer patients. With the support of NationalScience and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) for the establishment of laboratories have higher quality. After that our company has also been investigating the enhancement of immune cells to higher.

Year 2008.
Collaboration with experts from the Germany Institute of Standards Laboratories (Good Laboratory Practice) are training the staff in the operating room to a high standard.

Year 2009.
Signed a partnership with biotech company in Singapore to produce cancer vaccine to Singapore by way of the exchange of scientists to train at the national Cancer Institute in Singapore.

Year 2010.
Received funding for research Clinical trial "Dc pulse with CIK cells therapy in cholangiocarcinoma cancer" of the National Innovation Agency (NIA).

Year 2011.
Approved by the Ministry of Health to use.Immuno therapy in the treatment of cancer patients.Cholangiocarcinoma in Ratchawithi hospital.

Success in the development of cell therapy, we are a center for treatmentand manufacture of cell therapies that have been recognized by the medical institutions in the country and abroad at present.

Year 2013
Import new technology that can accurately check for the risk of cancer . By analyzing your “ Natural Cytotoxicity,” natural killer cells within your body that have the ability to detect whether other cells have undergone tumor transformation and destroy those cancer cell. This technology requires highly skilled researchers. Our lab is the first company inThailand that can apply this technology.


We have earned the trust of using Regenerative cells, and NK cells in the treatment holistic (Holistic Center) in various medical institutions ,Beauty and clinics in Thailand and overseas.

Initiated and Supported by NIA และ NSTDA

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