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Advanced Medical Biotechnology

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Cellular immunotherapeutic technology for a better quality of life

"Cancer vaccine" another option to fight deadly disease

Did you know that we currently have cellular immunotherapeutic technology that can help cancer patients have a better quality of life? The cancer vaccine offered by Wincell Research is an innovative, personalized cancer treatment that has been exclusively licensed from Japan. It has been developed with the aim of providing cancer patients with an alternative treatment with minimal side effects. This cellular immunotherapeutic technology is widely popular in Japan and has been proven to help cancer patients live longer and have a better quality of life. There are numerous published research studies supporting this treatment. Currently, more than ten thousand patients have used this cellular immunotherapeutic service.


Why should we know our "biological age" ?

Assessing biological age through "telomere length"

Cells are not just the smallest basic units of life, but they are also centers of biological information that is highly valuable for us to know. Research studies on the structure of chromosomes, which are the genetic units within cells, have found that the length of the ends of chromosomes, called “telomeres,” can be used as a biomarker to define “biological age.” Furthermore, it has been discovered that telomere length is associated with lifestyles and behaviors, as well as our health conditions. Shorter telomeres can be an indicator of being premature aging. If we know our biological age early, we can manage aging or restore and take care of our health to effectively and timely delay aging.

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