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Cancer vaccine

The good fortune of Thai people who no longer need to spend time flying far away for cancer treatment, thanks to advanced medical technology, the “Cancer Vaccine (WT1-DC)” in Japan and beyond. Because this is one of the pride of Wincell Research Co., Ltd., led by Dr. Olan Piemkulwanich has developed the quality of research laboratories and medical diagnostic services to the highest standard, making them trustworthy. The only one in Asia to have been licensed by Japan, which has been certified to be of equal quality in the use of cellular immunotherapy technology – WT1 peptide.

This has been achieved through the development of excellence and specificity, using WT1 peptide or Wilms’ tumor gene 1, which is widely recognized and used in cancer prevention and treatment, with dendritic cells under the development of Dr. Haruo Sugiyama, Professor of the Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University.

Currently, we are ready to provide and deliver internationally standardized and safe products to all customers. This is to meet the comprehensive healthcare needs for a better quality of life.

The key importance of choosing to use Cancer Vaccine by Wincell Research.

  1. Received a patent for the WT1 peptide sequence, which is a cancer antigen found in all types of cancer and is the most recognized cancer antigen by our immune system.
  2. It is a cancer vaccine that is safe and of high quality for preventing and treating cancer. It has been registered for clinical trials and has been supported by numerous published reports in international journals.
  3. Utilizing technology and innovation in vaccine production directly transferred from Japan by Dr. Haruo Sugiyama, Professor of Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine , OSAKA University. Which is the only overseas laboratory of Wincell Research that has the rights to use the aforementioned technology and innovation.

Cancer Vaccine ( WT1-DC)

The Cancer Vaccine (WT1-Dendritic Cell) from Wincell Research is a personalized cancer treatment that stimulates the patient’s immune system to fight against specific cancer cells effectively. It uses peptides derived from the WT1 gene, which is a tumor rejection antigen or an antigen that specifically targets cancer cells. These peptides are taught or fed to dendritic cells, which then present them to T-cells, educating them to recognize and destroy the specific cancer cells efficiently. Therefore, using the Cancer Vaccine (WT1-DC) not only helps the immune system eliminate cancer cells specifically in each patient but also helps the body’s immune system create a memory of what cancer looks like. If cancer reoccurs, the body can eliminate it immediately.

Treatment Steps, Starting with the First Step, are as Follows

Step 1

Meet with the doctor for a health assessment, blood tests, and detailed treatment planning.

Step 2

Appointment for injection stimulation.

Step 3

Appointment for Apheresis blood collection.

Step 4

Sending blood for the process of culturing and expanding Dendritic Cells in a pathogen-free laboratory to increase their quantity to the desired amount.

Step 5

Stimulating Dendritic Cells using peptides that have the property of being tumor rejection antigens or antigens that specifically counteract cancer cells, to allow the Dendritic Cells to learn and present this specific receptor on their surface.

If you have any questions or concerns about cancer. Allow
Wincell Research to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have.