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Medical diagnostic technology

Why should you analyze immune cells and biological age?

Today, we are exposed to various environmental pollutants and health risks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and air pollution like PM 2.5 particles. Furthermore, lifestyle changes, such as urban living, can lead to conditions like Office Syndrome and stress from political and economic uncertainties. These factors directly impact our health. Analyzing immune cells and cell age is another way to reflect our health status. Immune cell analysis helps us understand the immune system’s ability to fight various threats, both external and internal, such as cancer cells. Meanwhile, analyzing cell age helps us understand if our cells are aging appropriately. The results from these analyses provide medical insights to help us adjust, take care of our health, and stay resilient against diseases, keeping us away from premature aging and ready to effectively combat health threats.

Immune cell diagnostic service

Natural killer cell activity

Wincell Research provides services to analyze the function of natural killer (NK) cells in destroying cancer cells using Microfluorometry technology, which is a highly accurate innovation from Japan.

Natural killer cell count

The number of natural killer (NK) cells, whether high or low, indicates the normalcy of the immune system. Wincells Research provides analysis of NK cell counts in the circulatory system using Flow cytometry technology, which is an internationally standardized technique.

Regulatory T cell count

Regulatory cells play a crucial role in controlling and regulating the functions of various cells in the immune system, preventing immune cells from attacking normal cells and working in a specific and targeted manner. Therefore, the number of regulatory cells is important in indicating the balance of the immune system. Wincells Research provides analysis of the number of regulatory cells in the circulatory system using Flow cytometry technology.

T cell count

T-cells, specialized immune cells, play a crucial role in targeted cell destruction by recognizing foreign entities through the presentation of antigens by other immune cells like dendritic cells. WinCells Research provides analysis of T-cell counts in the circulatory system using Flow cytometry technology.

Service for analyzing cell age.

The biological age or biological aging can be assessed by analyzing the “length of telomeres,” which are the end caps of chromosomes. Generally, a shorter telomere length is associated with an increasing real age. If your telomeres shorten faster than your actual age, it indicates that you are experiencing premature aging. Conversely, if your telomeres shorten slower than your actual age, it indicates that you are maintaining good health.

Those who should undergo immune system and cellular age testing include
1. Individuals with abnormalities or chronic illnesses.

  • There is a family history of cancer or siblings with cancer.
  • Individuals with a history of heavy alcohol consumption and smoking, or those who drink and smoke regularly every day.
  • There are genetic abnormalities.
  • Those who are constantly exposed to hormones or toxins.
  • Undergoing cancer treatment. Patients who have been treated for cancer and are in remission but still need to be monitored.
  • Individuals with chronic stress issues who do not get enough rest and exercise.
  • Patients with chronic hepatitis from viral infections.
  • People with chronic illnesses such as liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood lipids.
  • People who do not receive all five food groups, such as those who consume a vegetarian diet.
  • People with chronic fatigue.

2. General population with good health.
The immune system can be tested to assess the body’s overall health and indicate underlying hidden diseases, allowing for preparation and self-care. Strengthening the immune system can make it more effective in the future.

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