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About us

Dr. Oran Piamkulvanich

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wincell Research Co., Ltd.

There is a high number of cancer patients in Thailand, and it tends to increase continuously. The young generations’ recent lifestyle is one of the significant factors in weakening their immune system, leading to a high risk of unconsciously being diseased. I am always motivated to develop and keep applying our knowledge and know-how in medical technologies to heal degenerative diseases caused by cancers and infections. A team of professional researchers from Wincell Research is ready for initiation and cooperation to achieve our mission of utilizing advanced medical biotechnology in culturing and activating immune cells for treating patients at an international standard level.

Cancer vaccine : A hope for cancer patients

A team of experts from the Osaka University’s Medical Institute, Japan, led by Professor Dr. Haruo Sugiyama, has approved granting Wincell Research the exclusive license to provide clients in Thailand with his invented and licensed cancer vaccine outside of Japan. Wincell Research will have the right to access and implement knowledge, technology, and various innovations related to the cancer vaccine mentioned. It is as if you were traveling to Japan to receive cancer vaccine services. The concept of this cancer vaccine technology is to activate immune cells to learn and recognize cancer cells, leading to a prompt response of the immune system to eliminate cancer cells and prevent their invasion. The technology is equipped with culturing and multiplying antigen-presenting immune cells known as dendritic cells (DCs) collected from clients’ blood samples and stimulating them with the most prevalent cancer antigen, Wilms tumor protein 1 (WT1), under laboratory conditions before administering them back to clients. The WT1 tumor protein was chosen as a stimulant because it is an antigen found dominantly in most types of cancer. The team of experts from Japan has studied, researched, and found specific sites on WT1 that can bind well with DCs, which is a discovery that was patented by the European Patent Office in 2001. After stimulating DCs with WT1, they present this cancer antigen on their surface and transmit this information to T cells in the lymph nodes. T cells learn and recognize cancer cells and effectively eliminate them. T cells are immune cells that play a crucial role in the specific or adaptive immune system. When cancer cells arise in the body, T cells that have learned through the cancer vaccine mechanism are ready to act promptly to destroy the cancer cells, inhibiting the cancer cells from having the opportunity to increase in number or spread further. This cancer vaccine technology has been provided to more than ten thousand cases and found to be safe and efficient for treating and enhancing the cancer patient’s quality of life.

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