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Cellular immunotherapeutic technology

Cellular immunotherapy

With unwavering dedication, continuous development, and the long-standing expertise of our research team, WincellResearch is the leader in innovating personalized immune cell production, ensuring safety and maximum efficiency.

For individuals whose immune cell level tests (including NK cell and T cell groups) show values below the standard threshold for selection for use in immune cell therapy, supplementation can be an option to help boost immunity to higher levels according to the standard criteria. This helps ensure that our immune system is more effective in fighting and eliminating cancer cells, pathogens, and various foreign cells appropriately and precisely.

Cellular immunotherapeutic service

Cancer vaccine

Innovation stimulates the immune system of the patient themselves to strengthen and enhance the efficiency of the immune system to fight against specific cancer cells by using a peptide protein derived from the gene (WT1) to educate dendritic cells to learn and display parts of this gene on their surface. Then, these cells are taught or fed to T cells to recognize the markers of those specific cancer cells and then destroy the cancer stem cells, the origin of cancer cells, directly and effectively. If cancer recurs, the body can eliminate it immediately.

Win-K cell

The innovation combines cell production technologies to enhance both the quantity and efficiency of NK cells + CIK cells + T cells to achieve the highest quality called “WinK-Cell.” It uses Wincell Research’s proprietary cellular-level medical technology to separate PBMC cells from the patient’s blood for a high-quality laboratory process at every step. This technology is another option for preventing individuals with low immunity from serious diseases and helps support cancer treatment, allowing it to be used alongside surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and others appropriately and timely.

LAK cell

The innovation involves using technology to produce and stimulate lymphocytes with IL-2, transforming them into lymphokine-activated killer cells (LAK Cells), which are crucial for immune system response. They serve as a powerful force in controlling the increase in quantity and function of T cells. This technology is mainly used in conjunction with other treatments, such as in combination with cancer vaccines (WT1-DC), to enhance their effectiveness.

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