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Wincell Research joins Asian Phytoceuticals to conduct an internationally published research

Wincell Research Co., Ltd., led by Dr. Oran Piamkulvanich, was invited to join the press conference “Thailand’s First Achievement Wattana Cheeva of Using 5 Thai Herbs for Anti-aging, Balancing Immunity, and Preventing Cancer,” an innovation to heal telomere otganized by Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co., Ltd. (APCO) at Swissotel Ratchada, Bangkok on 19th February 2024.  Dr. Oran Piamkulvanich as a collaborator in this research plays a crucial role in providing the analytical platform for the biological age or cell age through measuring the telomere length of all volunteers participating in this 2-year long research project. At the press conference, Dr. Oran Piamkulvanich also joined a discussion to provide knowledge about telomere length test technology. With all efforts, the research team has published their work in an international journal, Food Science & Nutrition, entitled “Efficacy of a dietary supplement derived from five edible plants on telomere length in Thai adults: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.”  

Wincell Research Co., Ltd. thanks Asian Phytoceuticals Public  Co., Ltd.  for trusting our telomere length test standard and offering us the great opportunity to be part of this achievement.

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